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Our eyeshadow factory has exclusively served the cosmetic industry for over 20 years. Our eyeshadow factory has GMPc and ISO22716 certificates. We mainly export eyeshadow products to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and EU countries, helping various types of beauty brands with their private label eyeshadow line. We are specialized in the production and marketing of cutting-edge private label cosmetics in eyeshadow and eyes makeup sectors, personalized for beauty brands around the global. Located in China, the largest exporting country of eyeshadows, we can ensure the enough production capacity, timely manufacturing, high quality control and competitive price among other suppliers.

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We are capable of developing your own eyeshadow formulas and color scheme.

Our sizable production capacity allows us to offer competitive pricing and flexibility to our customers, ranging from high-end beauty brands to start-up emerging brands.

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Low MOQ to start your own makeup brand by selecting our best selling eyeshadow line.

We constantly provide you with innovative formulas and textures, keeping in mind that your brand is unique and must reach the highest possible standards.

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As partnered with over 20 cosmetics eyeshadow packaging manufacturer, we can offer makeup brands the best packaging solution within requested budget.

We are working colosely with brand to share the market trend and industry production know-how.

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Branding cosmetics with us

As a professional private label makeup company, Makeup Palette Pro is capable of develop your own eyeshadow makeup line. We are always standing by your side, working together with you to develop the perfect branding for your cosmetics. Our excellent know-how and prompt responses can assure you that we are the long-term partner you are looking for!

Bespoke produce your palette

The eyeshadow packaging could be bespoke designed and produced according to your request. Our specialist will share the market trend and discuss with you the packaging design, to help your brand unique and outstanding.

Palettes made of different materials

We are capable of making eyeshadow palette with plasitics, cardboard paper, PU leather, specialty paper and metal. Different materials have it's own advantages. For example, low MOQ and environment friendly is the advantage of cardboard palette.

Palettes in different shape & size

The palette cover and pans inside of palette could be made in different size and shapes. Normally it could be rectangular, round and square.

Fixed or refillable palette

We can make your palette with magnets inside, so your palettes could be refillable with different eyeshadow colors. You can earn larger profit margin if you can offer flexible selection of colors.