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To a beauty brand, a good makeup formula is the key factor to success in the market. Since makeup palette pro established, we've been working for over 2500 brands around the global, ranging from new start-up brands to big brands. We have capability to develop all types of eyeshadow formulas.

custom formula development process: see how we develop your own eyeshadows

Step 1: Receive detailed request

After receive your product concept or detailed request of your custom eyeshadow products, we will discuss with you how to achieve it. The best way to develop is to find a similar product as a benchmark for development.

Step 2: prototyping formula

We will prototype the custom eyeshadow formula based on your benchmark. Normally the process will take minimum a week to make a first round formula. We will ship the physical samples to you to test.

Step 3: Approve / Rework

After you test the product, we will receive feedback from you, approve to move on or need amending. Normally it will be satisfied up to 3 times of prototyping round.

Step 4: Color development

After approval received, we will do the color match of all the eyeshadows range. This step also request a benchmark for develeopment. With a pantone chart or phystical samples, we can work out well.

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