Private label eyeshadow company

We are specialized in the production and marketing
of cutting-edge private label cosmetics in eyeshadow and eyes makeup sectors, personalized for beauty brands around the global. Located in China, the largest exporting country of eyeshadows, we can ensure the enough production capacity, timely manufacturing, high quality control and competitive price among other suppliers.

What makes us different from other private label cosmetics company?

A wide knowledge to help you create your own beauty product line.

As a professional makeup manufacturer, we’ve been serving over 2500 beauty brands around the world. All our sales and service teams are working closely with our clients, many of whom grow up from small start-up to big brands. Our experts are here to guide you step by step, until you achieve the result you want. We are ready to become partners and share our know-how with you.

High quality in production of bulk cosmetics

As most of eyeshadow makeup line are exported to USA, UK and EU countries, we truly understand how good quality is important to
a makeup brand. Whatever your need, we always strictly respect regulatory and quality assurance requirements throughout the entire production process.
We have a strict Quality Control Process, from the process of raw material procurement, to production and to pre-delivery check. An experienced account manager will be assigned to your beauty brand, acting as a project manager to oversea the whole ordering process and produces process.

Private label eyeshadow makeup line

Producing eyeshadow is the most advantage our factory has. As a private label, we will help you create, develop and improve
your products. We put our excellent know-how at your disposal to better meet the needs of your customers.

We constantly provide you with innovative formulas and textures, keeping in mind that your brand is unique and must reach
the highest possible standards. That’s right! Our service is not limited to your products, but we also celebrate your vision and image. Designing packaging is as important as creating new products, and we don’t underestimate it.