About Us

Professional Makeup Pressed Powder and Makeup Palette Manufacturer

A Professional Eyeshadow Manufacturer

Makeup Palette Pro is a private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in production and marketing of cutting-edge eye makeup products, especially in eyeshadow formula development and production. 

As an eyeshadow manufacture that exclusively served the cosmetic industry for over 20 years, our eyeshadow factory has GMPc and ISO22716 certificates. We have worldwide customers go through in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and EU countries, helping various types of beauty brands create their private label eyeshadow line.

High Quality Cosmetics in China

We are very proud to deliver the high-standard cosmetics all over the world. Makeup Palette Pro cooperates with different types of cosmetics raw material suppliers and packaging suppliers.


The rich experience allows us to offer OEM and private label makeup with competitive price and flexible low MOQ. Our customers ranges from high-end beauty brands to start-up emerging brands.

Our Vision and Mission

Makeup Palette Pro strives to be the most ambitious private label cosmetic manufacturer in the makeup industry. The vital target of us is to connect our clients with their own brand dreams.


As a private label eyeshadow manufacturer, we always work hard to reach the high standard eyeshadow formulas and discover new packaging solutions to offer to our customers. We transform your cosmetic lines into beloved and successful beauty brands.


We design concepts and product lines for eyeshadows dedicated to brands with a high level of personalization, enabling each customer company to be unique and distinctive in its own reference market with steady growth.