Custom Palette-9 Walls

Custom Palette-9 Walls

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Title Custom Palette-9 Walls

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144-Satin, 132-Metalic, G13-Glitter, 239-Metallic, 240-Metallic, 241-Metallic, G14-Glitter, G18-Glitter, 148-Shimmer

We offer the best selling makeup formulas for our private label makeup line. We offer hot stamp print, UV colorful print, silk screen printing for the products.

Learn more about the process and printing options.

The Ready-To-Ship Samples have no printing or label on the packaging. The purpose of the sample is to let you test the formulas and/or pacakging we supply.

We will ship your ready-to-ship samples by air express, such as DHL, UPS and Fedex. The shipping period depends on shipping company. During COVID-19 epdemic period, shipping may take longer.

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