Pressed Glitter Sample Pack- 30 colors

  • $50.00


This set contains 30 pressed Glitter we supplied for private label palette, low MOQ. 

For Face and Body!

Dab or swipe glitter gently with the tip of finger. Apply with a gentle patting motion, or swipe across desired location. Repeat until you reach your desired density. Remember, a little goes a long way! No glue is needed. No fall-out. Water Resistance formula!

You can combine pressed glitter into eyeshadow palette! The pan is made of iron, which can be used for magnetic palette.

  • Material of Pan: Iron, best fit magnetic palette
  • Size: pan:1-1/16“
  • Net Weight: about 1g per shade
  • Supplied in VAC tray (30 colors per set)

    Polyethylene Terephthalate, Glyceryl rosinate, Tridecyl trimellitate,Alpha-Hydroxy Succinic acd, Hydrogenated styrene, Microcrystalline wax, Phenoxye thanol.

    Normal cardbaord palette( Mirror added):

    4 pans, 9 pans, 12 pans and 15 pans palette avaialbel. 

    Magnetic palette( Without Mirror, eyeshadow could be refillable):

    4 pans, 9 pans, 15 pans, 18 pans, and DIY non-pans palette could fit around 28 shades in. 

    PU leather palette( Mirror added, luxury soft touch leather):

    9 pans and 12 pans palette. 

    Other size palettes could be customized. Please contact us to get more information

    We offer OEM service to creat formulas, shades, different material of packages and even new products.

    Please contac us to get more informaton.

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