NEW! DueChrome Eyeshadow Sample Sets 16 colors

  • $18.00

This is Sample sets including all best selling 16 duochrome eyeshadow colors.Eyeshadow colors are kept in VAC trays, to let you check the formulas and colors.

“Duochrome” refers to any product that can appear two different colors depending on how the light hits. These can also be called “reflects” because of how they change when the light, well, reflects on them. While you may not glow in the dark when wearing this velvety and vibrant duochrome, you will be surely standout!

But as fun as these types of shadows can be, they can also be a little difficult to find — not too many brands make them. Once you get your hands on some, it’ll be game-over for any eye-look you create. Duochromes are total scene-stealers, and they even work for single-shadow looks. By applying a duochrome shadow all over the lid and through the crease (and making sure to blend), the various colors provide enough dimension on their own.

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